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Crossrail 'The Elizabeth Line' Completion

At September 2019, Crossrail has identified October 2020 as the earliest date to start running services through Central London ( What is your forecast for the time from October 2020 to the actual delivery into service? (time in months)


Self Driving Car Available in UK

How long in months, from start of 2020, will it be before the first truly self-driving car is on sale in the UK.


Surrey, UK, House Pices

IAccording to ( the average price paid for a home in the county of Surrey, UK in August 2019 is £553k (all property types including flats). What will the average price be in December 2019?


Post Brexit Trade Deals

Assuming Brexit takes place; how long after leaving will it be before the UK signs a trade agreement with a non-EU country? (answers in months)

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